Current Projects

Lakeview West End Heights

Interior Painting at the new apartments on West Court Street in Ithaca, NY

General Contractor: Lecesse Construction Services

Aldi Auburn

Interior and exterior painting of new Aldi location in Auburn, NY.

General Contractor: National Contractors

Lock 7 Apartments

Interior painting of new apartment building in Oswego, NY

General Contractor: Christa Construction

Hannick Hall - Catholic Family Charities

Interior Rehab of Catholic Family Charities Hannick Hall in Newark, NY

General Contractor: Taylor, the Builders

Ithaca Community Childcare Center

Interior painting of renovated Childcare center in Ithaca, NY.

General Contractor: Welliver-McGuire

2020-12-11 (2).png
Riverwalk Mixed Use Building

Interior painting of new mixed use building in Oswego, NY.

General Contractor: S.J. Thomas

JP Race Painting Text.jpg