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In My Father's Kitchen

In My Father’s Kitchen, Inc. (IMFK) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation. It was founded by John and Leigh-Ann Tumino, and is a faith-based organization offering non-denominational and non-discriminatory assistance to homeless people through direct street outreach. As John and Leigh-Ann build relationships with chronically homeless individuals they identify and meet the unique needs of homeless people not yet ready to leave the streets and who refuse to stay in emergency shelters. As a result, IMFK provides food and basic necessities to homeless individuals where they live on the streets, on a consistent and compassionate basis, until the homeless individual is comfortable accepting help and working with community agencies to secure housing. In addition to their outreach to homeless individuals, IMFK assists the refugees on Syracuse’s north side. IMFK gathers and distributes clothing in four major neighborhood giveaways each year, as well as responding to drop-in requests. Please visit the website for In My Father's Kitchen at for more information.

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